Original Boys In 2003

Children were at the core of the brutal civil war that gripped Sierra Leone. They witnessed horrible violence, were subjected to systematic abuse, and in many cases were forced to become combatants themselves.

Rape, mutilation, forced prostitution and senseless killings were part of these children’s daily experiences. The war deprived them of an education and worse, confronted them with the most brutal expressions of human cruelty at an early age, shattering their childhood.

MUSAC HOUSE OF CARING was established in 2003 and has provided a home for children displaced from their parents and families during the war.


To upgrade and uphold the quality of life of needy children in Sierra Leone by providing supportive environment and services that would allow them to develop their potential to the maximum.

 All Ten Boys
MUSAC-HOC Boys In 2011


We are a dedicated and concerned group of citizens who are committed to the welfare of children in Sierra Leone, especially those who lost their parents in the tragic civil war. At present, these children are maintained in the MUSAC HOUSE OF CARING. This shelter serves children without relatives (ages 6 – 18 years of age) and provides accommodation, food, medical care, clothing and education. Because of logistics the center now has only boys but we are hoping to add girls in the future.

Our aim is to develop these children's character so they can integrate back into society and become exemplary citizens and future leaders.


At present there are only boys at the House of Caring because of logistics but we plan to expand it to 25 boys and 25 girls.

To provide excellent medical care to the children of Sierra Leone by providing the necessary equipment, facility and staff for a Pediatric Clinic and Hospital.

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